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Chung Yeung Festival Activities: Changsha City torch Embroidery City community to visit


Today 9:00, Changsha Yuelu District Torch Chung Yeung Festival activities Chinatown community organizations, community leaders led by Miss Deng Ping 220 elderly people, came to visit the city of Hunan Embroidery.

Embroidery entered the city hall, in front of the old people are attracted an array of embroidery works in a professional staff to explain, were all amazed and intricate embroidery skills, when you see the exclusive double-sided embroidery embroidered "Peacock · Tiger" when it is heartfelt praise "This is the embroidery of the best." Then also visited the embroidery dress, embroidery handmade bags, textile embroidery, embroidery "New Xiaoxiang Eight" There SHUNLONG silverware, old people, commented, "I am grateful to be able to organize the community came to the city to visit the embroidery, which is really a rich art appreciation. "

Embroidery City staff explain embroidery works

Old people enjoy visiting embroidery cheongsam

Older people to appreciate the works of this exquisite embroidery

Old people in the community to enjoy smooth silver dragon

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