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[Nostalgia] activity Tai Mei Jiang Hua Xianggui dynamic ⒁ trail kiosk Else


June 18, Hunan HKADPL [big] editorial team came to the United States and nostalgia Jianghua Yao Autonomous County Xiao He originally a coaching inn chating --- "Else Pavilion" Road.

 The pavilion is located in the county town big Village Rd. The county entourage introduction: "It is three places Okamura Pteris Town Rd College inscription" fort was built on the Wu Yi Xue monument "and" historical sign Yao Wen, "it reads: Xiao He is the ancient trail south Guangxi, Hunan Official Road Else Pavilion is located at the junction of Jianghua Yao Autonomous County and Bucheon Yao Autonomous County of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, tea and resting place for traveling people. "

Else pavilion for the three arch-style pavilion with stones weighing several kilos for footings, walls. Lintel relief Conquers, Qinshubao whiplash, Guan Gong knife play, Tiger Wu, Mu Guiying command, Grandfather Jiang fishing dramatic characters and unicorn, phoenix, cranes and other auspicious birds; lintel carved Shuangshi ball, on intermediate vertical carved "Else Pavilion", on both sides of hollow sculpture day official blessing pattern, day official holding official seal, kindly face; three beams relief Dragons, Magic Gourd top pavilion stand on both sides of fishes, fish upturned. Pavilion carved with high artistic standards. Kiosks "New Else pavilion monument order" detailed records of the Qing Yongzheng repair kiosk Else (1722 -1735), the 1793 revision of the process of reconstruction, as well as local Yao Han compatriots have donation, join hands to build Else history Pavilion. Kiosks also inscribed "dust bowl length Station, Ukiyo between people" and 10 couplets. Hee was depicting people to the busy scene.